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Nexusguard Threat Advisories

Threat Advisories

Q4 2016 DDoS Threat Report

2016 was a challenging year. Attack trafficreaching 1Tbps was often heralded in catchy headlines.

Emerging vulnerabilities are constantly being uncovered in both IoT devices already deployed and new ones coming to market, thus surely presaging a growing number of future botnet infections. Blended attacks consisting of DDoS and hacking activities were predominantly aimed at financial and government sectors.

Key observations:

  • 200+ Gbps-sized attacks became commonplace late in Q4
  • The number of attacks in December increased by 152+%, while attacks in November climbed more than 50% over October
  • In the financial sector, WAF alerts surged 2.86X from November to December
  • 17,872,563 DNS attacks leveraging cpsc.gov has been recorded
  • Mirai started the outbreak of IoT botnets; 426,770 IoT bots were observed since botnet monitoring commenced in October










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